November 2, 2018

Allen Theosky Rowe gets offer to star in the Hong Kong family drama “Best Wishes” alongside with CiCi Lau and the thriller “Murder In The Barn” as Detective Nathan Wong for International Director Randy Wang.

October 12

Allen Theosky Rowe heads to Hengdian, China for Director Phoebe Liu’s bio pic “Five Cent Life” Starring along side Hana Wu.

August 30, 2018

Allen Theosky Rowe Will Be Joining Lucas Till and David Dastmalchian in Season 3 of “MacGyver” as Benjamin Liu For Produce/Writer: Craig O’Niel And Director: Stephen Herek. Filming In Atlanta On The Way.

July 5, 2018

Allen Theosky Rowe Joining The Cast Of “The Chef” for International Director: Hao Zheng & Producer: Ithaca Deng